Monday, October 27, 2003

To: PRS Thecnologies, Inc.

Hello, I used your Cool Chem Cyanopoxy system to construct this
entire city, which was shown in the October O Gauge Railroading
Magazine. The layout was cover and featured article for the magazine in
the June and August issues. Your product is the best adhesive that I
have used both in the model railroading hobby and in general household
repairs. The results are permanent, very neat, and easy to use. I found
no significant heat, odor, or problematic fumes. The containers always
seem ready to function, where as most adhesives are hard or plugged up
if they have been idle for a week or two. The pressurized spray
activator is the most efficient and accurate activator on the market.
Thanks for a great product! The York TCA Train show occurs in October
and in April. If you display there, you should set up in the new
hall(the Orange hall)--this hall will attract the type of individual
most likely building a layout.

Subject: CoolChem System
Date: Wednesday, October 22, 2003 4:45 PM
From: Bill Bramlage

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Taken straight from our contact page

Name:Merle R. McLaughlin

12210 45th Ave SE

Everett WA 98208

Email: w7dny@isomedia.com

My son, Robert McLaughlin who lives in Aloha, OR., has a trophy winning 1977 Mustang Cobra 2. The plastic gas tank developed a leak. I suggested he take home my Cool Chem repair kit. Cool Chem came through again. Cool Chem sealed the leak instantly. Finding a new tank and removing the old tank is a major job. Cool Chem saved hours of hunting for a new tank and hours more to make a the replacement let alone the cost of a new gas tank. I used Cool Chem on several items on my 1973 Mustang convert during restoration. Cool Chem made the repairs invisible. A really great product. A small drop does wonders for a permanent repair. Both cars were displayed in the largest Mustang show in the US in July held in Bellevue, WA. Both received first place trophys in their class. Merle McLaughlin, Everett, Washington.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

We went to the Paul Bunyun Festival in Nelsonville, Ohio. What a blast! These are real men ladies. Climbing, chopping, hunting, men who are at home with nature. I am not one of them, but I surely can appreciate the toughness and heart it takes to give 100% 24/7. You can imagine the power and masterful skill they bring to our product. The ideas they were suggesting were unique and creative. Using CoolChem for, fixing braces for car starters, and to bond hand made metal art to a pick-up truck’s rims. I heard one guy talking about how he bonded a 5inch gash on his calf, from a chainsaw accident. I saw the cut on his leg! Not a surgeon’s precision touch by any means, but he claims it stopped the bleeding, and felt it saved his life!
CoolChem doesn’t condone or suggest that anyone should duplicate these applications. This is just what fans of CoolChem tell us when they see us at the show.
On an other note
A CoolChemist was at Hara Arena in Dayton, Ohio for The Antique and Crafts Show. She told me that Tim Allen (like ToolTime) had Ron repair the back lid of a toilet a few months ago at the HAM Fest. Tim told her to “tell them Hara indorses it”, and “we have used it with no failures”.
Just wanted to spread more of the positive buzz that floats around the World Head Quarter everyday!


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